Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I wanted to share this video that is so amazing! our really good friend Eric is singing in it and I was so proud when I saw this video. Brought tears to my eyes. I have worn glasses since I was in first grade and without them (or contacts) I can't see a foot in front of my face. So I have always been so afraid of losing my sight or my kids having bad sight. I love the laughter and smiles of the kids in this video. Reminds me of a story I heard once that I have never forgotten about a blind girl who accepted Jesus into her life and fell in love with reading the Bible.
She had read the bible so much and so fast that her fingers became calloused from reading the braille over and over. she was so frustrated that she could not read with her fingers that she began reading with her lips to the paper because she could not stand another moment without reading the word. Makes me think of how easy it is for me to flip open my Bible and read when there are so many for different reasons who cannot.... 
with that said, here is the video from the Braille Institute

And here is the unplugged version of their song :) please enjoy and share!!

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