Sunday, September 16, 2012

Contagious Attitude

So I feel like lately I've been caking on the makeup. more is more... until the other day I decided to look at my skin a little closer and I was like "woah mama!" my skin has totally been neglected and not looking so hot. In some ways I guess it was strangely a reflection of what was going on inside. You can pack on more and more to try to hide the yucky, but eventually... you just look like a pancake face. So for my face I took a couple of days off of makeup, did some face masks and gave it a little TLC. Then today when I did my makeup (a lot lighter than I had been..) it just looked so much nicer because the base of it was healthier and nicer.
Now for my insides... I think it is so easy to let the negativity, criticism, self-doubt pile up...and then the more you do, the harder it is to see the beauty, sunshine and light inside of you. 
It takes a minute to realize and then with that realization a little bit of action...but when you find it, it can shine again.
The other day in my daily devotions I read about having a 'confetti throwing attitude" and it really stuck with me. People's negative attitudes are so contagious. Even if its not towards us (picture a grumpy lady in front of you in the check out lane, or a dad yelling at  his kid in Target) it somehow lets its ugliness stick to us, even if just a little bit. All of that builds up and before you know it... you are bogged down with negative feelings.
So I have been trying to have a contagious and positive attitude. No, its not natural for me...and I find myself realizing how negative I am in my thoughts in my daily life. yikes, what an eye opener.
so I am going to try to continue with this as long as I can, and hopefully if I start being a negative nancy I'll remind myself that it is contagious!


  1. lookin hot mama!! beautiful on the inside and out ;)

  2. I totally agree with this 100%!!! I work in retail and deal with these issues on a regular basis....I try to stay positive but when you're tired and/or getting frustrated, the negativity in people's attitudes get the best of you....