Monday, September 24, 2012

Feed the birds....tuppens a bag...

the other day the kids made some bird houses and we thought we'd take it a step further and make some super easy bird feeders! seriously takes 5 minutes!

you will need:
dixie cups
pen or pencil (anything to poke a hole)
ribbon or rope
peanut butter
bird seed
a happy face 

poke a hole in the top of the dixie cup with a pen. one jab gets it through

string your ribbon through the hole, I just folded it in half and it fit perfectly.  Tie a knot on the other end. If you feel like you need it to be more secure, you can tape it to the top.

Cover the cup in peanut butter

Pour some bird seed onto a plate. (i got this ginormous bag at Target for $7 because all the smaller bags were sold out!... I guess we'll be making a lot of bird feeders!)

Press the cup down into the bird seed

and roll...

and roll... I took handfuls of extra seed and pushed more in so it was completely covered and thick

Then hang!

If you have a large dog, hang them where they can't get at them. Let's just say our boxer is having a fun time trying to jump at them!!! 

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