Monday, September 26, 2011

BB Cream

Ok, so I know I'm way late to the party on this one... BB cream has been around forever, but better late than never right? so basically BB cream was made by Korean cosmetics companies originally for people who had just had some sort of skin treatment/facial peel... so that they could wear makeup that wouldn't harm their 'new' skin. so the BB actually stands for "Blemish Balm" a lot of BB creams say 'blebish balm' and I don't know if that is an asian typo or what, but you know.
anyways BB creams usually consist of uv protection/sunscreen, skincare, treatment, calming, makeup primer and foundation all in one. You will rarely find a line with a lot of different colors... as its suppose to just even your skin tone. more like a tinted moisturizer rather than a heavy duty foundation. There are many different brands, but here is my quick review on the one I got the other day. My skin feels great and my pores look strangely smaller! enjoy!

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