Sunday, September 4, 2011

bedrest and agespots

so I've been put on bedrest. its been almost a week and I am going crazy!!! waaaahhhh. I wish I had a laptop, I could be blogging up a storm. I don't know how people stay in bed all day. I get all achey and cranky. Plus, they told me to eat every 2 hours. I'm going to be ENORMOUS!!!

In other unrelated news, I've been getting age spots. I have 2 really big dark ones on my cheek bone that have been bothering me. Every time I see the commercial for the Clinique dark spot remover I am intrigued and tempted. I snuck out to Target the other day and saw that Garnier had a new dark spot corrector (much cheaper tan Clinique) so I decided to give it a try. It says it takes about 2 weeks to see results so I will let you know. Has anyone tried either or have a better solution? let me know!!

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