Monday, September 19, 2011

34 weeks

I am hyper turbo now going on about an hour and a half of sleep. I was so uncomfortable last night, and then my son was crying in his sleep... finally at about 4:30am I put him in our bed with dad and went into his bed, to wake up at 6:ooam. So I feel all awake right now, but I'm assuming in a couple minutes here I'm gonna look like a zombie and need some coffee.
So I am 34 weeks now. Or atleast that's what I'm saying. Originally (according to my period tracking) My due date was Nov. 5th, but when they did all the measurements and stuff at 4 months, they said that I was due Oct. 28th. Now each time I go they go back and forth. why?! lets just go with the measurements people!!! I am feeling in some ways better... she is dropping lower and lower (which I don't understand, because I swear I was walking around with a head between my legs) so I feel less pushing and pressure in my ribs.
I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and I'm hoping we can set up an induction date because of all the pain. They said to try to keep her in until 37 weeks. Been on bedrest since 31... so 3 more weeks to go and then I'm going on a looooooooooooong walk, doing lunges and possibly jumping jacks! hahaha...
My husband and I are so excited. Can't wait to smell new baby and see what she looks like. My daughter is going to be such a helpful big sister. She was with her brother at just 2 years old, but she just has such a natural nuturing and caring side. It is helpful to me that she is like that! My son.. I think he understands a baby is coming, but then he tells me there's a baby in his belly button too. haha!! he still is a baby to me and I don't want him to grow up. He's just so cuddly.
Oooh, and my sister gets induced this Thursday. I'm so excited!!!!

Anyways, gonna move some things around while I have energy... my nesting is in full affect!


  1. <3 You are gorgeous ... I'm jelly.
    Best of luck and I am excited for u.
    Your kids are soooo adorable! ^^

  2. Super excited for you! It's a blessing that you have another one on the way! :) Your kids are so cute!