Thursday, September 22, 2011

little packages

Good morning! (this is my sons new 'camera face'!) haha!

My little niece Selah was born yesterday evening. I wish I could be there. She is so cute and looks just like my sister. Childbirth never ceases to amaze me. In some ways it is weird thinking of my sister with a baby. When I think of the two of us I think of us still as little girls... not as grown ups. Now we are both grown and have kids. How weird. It made me so excited for when our little one comes. I can't wait! I have been praying that my water breaks so I know when to go to the hospital for sure. The last two I didn't really feel the contractions until they were the BAD ones, and when that happens its too late!!

I've been signing up for all these free baby samples and freebies. So I've been getting all these little samples in the mail, plus random packages from friends and family. So when the doorbell rings I get so excited. I love packages!!! Oh, and I signed up for Birchbox, so I can't wait till I get my first one. I will film what's inside. (for those of you who haven't heard of birchbox, its a $10/month service that sends you full sized samples from high end cosmetics/beauty/hair/skin companies!)
on another note, the other day me and my pregnant friend went shopping (I know, but I needed a break from bedrest!). We were at Target we decided to get the scooters since it hurt so much to walk. I was taking down all the displays and could not stop laughing, my sides still hurt! anyways, we were at Marshall's and when we were in line to pay she discovered this little perfume that is AMAZING!!!!! We ended up searching the store for more, I found one more.. but if I see them again I am going to buy them all!!!
It's a Body Shop perfume, and I'm not sure if its discontinued or if they still carry it in the store.. but if you ever see it.. smell it!!! I wish there was a such thing as smell-o-vision! If you've ever smelled "Polka Dot Skirt" from Anthropologie..its along those lines. warm, sweet and fresh all at the same time. kinda nostalgic and reminds of something from my childhood but I can't remember what. I have been sniffing my arm all day the past few days.. its SOOOOO good. The Marshall's price is $7.99 it says original price $25.00.

Hope you all are doing well! I don't know how to respond/reply when people leave comments on posts.. if you know how let me know!


  1. I wish I knew how to respond on comments too! I usually just @theirname and then write my response. Then I hope they check my post again to see what I wrote! ><

  2. Fyi, I saw some at TJMAXX last week, if you escape again maybe check the one nearest you (or online). Wishing you a healthy delivery : )