Saturday, February 12, 2011


Ok. So I was hesitant to blog about this because there is so much to say regarding it. So I am actually going to bypass that whole discussion and just explain my tattoos.

First is Cosmetic Tattoos:
I got mine done in 2001, Cosmetic tattoos are semi-permanent so they last a couple of years and you need to get them touched up. I haven't yet...

Now tattoo-tattoos:
I thought for a long time about what I wanted, and where I wanted it. I had actually wanted one on my foot for a very long time, and then decided on getting it on my shoulder. My only advice (or atleast that I will give) is take your time. Don't do it on a whim... even if you have to wait to get an appointment with a really good artist. This is on you forever, you want to make sure it is what you want, where you want, and how you want. that is all.


  1. I have been filling in my eyebrows for ten+ years. They just don't grow in certain areas. I'm curious how much it costs and where the lady who did your is located? Also, I've always thought it might look too fake...what do you think (I'm assuming you don't think so, otherwise you probably would not have done it)? How does it compare, in terms of looks, to filling in your eyebrows with a pencil? Thanks!

  2. the lady i got done is now in new york. i thint he price varies, but around 200. i think it looks more natural than pencil... i compare it more to using eyebrow powder and brush. you really have to go to someone who does it good. they can do it in small strokes, so even close up it actually looks like hair... you should do it, i never regretted it~

  3. Thanks! That's exactly what I was wondering (how it compared to pencil vs. powder) Hope you all are feeling better!

  4. wow i love the letters^^ i want one now!!