Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 spring trends

Here are some fashion trends I love coming up for spring 2011....
Lace, Macreme...I think if its done right, worn right is so beautiful.. feminine and romantic. I always think of lace, pearls, silk and satin in warm champagne colors... I was at Target yesterday and they had some cute little lace dresses on sale for $10!
The "belt purse". c'mon people. This is straight up a fanny pack WHICH I love. I got a hip/fanny pack last year, also at Target that I absolutely love. Kind of biker/rocker-ish. I wear it every time we go to Disneyland. I kept telling my husband fanny packs are gonna make a comeback... and I think they are! woo!

Bright, bold colors. I love colors. Especially yellow. Its just so happy and bright. Citrus colors look like they are popping up everywhere. I love it. Also stripes.. and the whole 60's thing.

Biker. I love biker jackets. Halle Berry wears them a lot and I love the sexy, tough feel they give off. This one is a longer version which I thought looked more 'feminine'. The short black with the collar up is a great option, and you can find them anywhere for pretty cheap. I got mine... again, at Target for $20 (is there anything I DON'T get at Target?! hmmm..)

Oh my goodness. I got clogs at.. yes, Target in the clearance section for $3.98 over the Christmas break. I love them. I feel cool. There are so many variations of the clog that I've seen. Forever 21 has some really cute ones right now for under $20. I think of my mon in the 70's wearing a pretty long flowy dress and her clogs. the 70's are making a comeback too.. love it.

Flared jeans. Thank you 70's... Skinny jeans have been in for too long. and lets be honest, they ony look good..well, if you're skinny. Every time I put them on, I see my reflection when I'm out and think.. "what was I thinking?! I look like a stuffed sausage!" Flares are great for more body types... and great with clogs!
Eclectic Florals. I like the whole mismatched-ness. Vintage colors...

anyways. that's a little fashion forecast.. hope it helps!


  1. Omg a stuffed sausage ha ha ha! U r insane. U look H.O.T in ur jeans. I love
    Those clogs!!! And I love those jeans!!

  2. i'm lovin the lace too (and the flare jeans)... i don't have a baby yet i have no excuse!