Sunday, February 20, 2011


It has been pourig rain outside. Which for me, who has been sick, gives me another reason to stay in an oversized hoodie all day. Light some yummy smelling candles and watch movies with the kids.
Yesterday out of nowhere my daughter goes "mom, where did the igloo outside come from?" and of course I was like, what is that girl talking about?
a couple of hours later I went out to get some groceries, opened the door.. and low and behold. There is a huge pet igloo on my front door step.

now of course I am so thankful to whoever would think about my dog in this dreary weather... but the investigator in me wants to know who it was! I started listing off people in my mind right off the bat. (really, I think it might be my neighbor whose backyard is connect to our up the hill. she always looks down and is really concerned about our dog. calls me every time he barks. they have a big truck) Anyways, my wise husband says "if they wanted us to know who left it, they would have told us. Be thankful and don't investigate. It gives us a reason to be extra nice to everyone". He is right. So, in light of that.. whoever it was, thank you thank you!

thought I'd make a quick video since people often ask me what kind of candles I'm burning cuz they smell DELICIOUS!!! enjoy~

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