Monday, February 7, 2011

Pantry Moths

Let me just start off with saying that I have had this yucky heebie jeebie feeling for the past couple of days.
About a week ago, I noticed a couple of little moths flying around our house. Didn't really think anything of it... then I started seeing more and more... I thought, hmmm.. I think they are coming from the pantry.
Upon further inspection I discovered something I would never wish on anyone. Lets just say, One moth can lay up to 300 eggs in one shot. They turn into larvae, then turn into a moth. sick.
So I started doing some research online like I always do.
All the websites seemed to have the same information.
Pantry moths usually come home with you from the market. Either inside of rice, grains, or other dry foods. Once you get home and put it in the pantry, GAME OVER.
for real.
To get rid of them, you have disgard all food in the pantry, clean the pantry with warm soapy water, vacuum, repeat... you can even get traps, and most of the time you see another infestation before its over.
I almost threw up. I held my breath and I swear I felt creepy squigglies on my body. Every time my hair fell on my face I freaked out.

~deep breaths~

So, I cleaned out the whole pantry. Washed, disinfected.. prayed over (haha!!) and left it empty for a couple of days.
Today I invested in a whole bunch of air tight containers... and I'm watching everything like a hawk.
so gross. AND a lot of work.


anyways, on a totally unrelated note. I sell Avon. I have for a while, and I totally forget that I do until someone mentions something about Avon. (shows how dedicated I am to it! haha!)
I've been asked a couple of times to do reviews on products I like and dislike, I've kind of put it off because there are so many things I've tried that I didn't know where to start. So here is me starting. This it the beginning of Avon Review central!

Here is a link to my Avon Shop too....

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