Sunday, February 13, 2011

Romeo and Juliet

Today we finished a series we are doing with some couples (and singles). Its filmed in the 80's, but there are so many good nuggets of wisdom. One that stuck out was "Even if you think you are not Romeo, I assure you, she is Juliet... so you better find the Romeo in you".
So true.
Every woman wants tenderness, love, gentleness.
He shared many stories of what love should be. One of the points was that the last act of love as a married couple is to release them when they pass away to the Lord. A loving act he remembered as he recollects a time when he visited a couple and the old lady was sitting by her husband's bedside stroking his hair, wondering if each breath would be his last.

I am so in love with my husband. more deeply than ever before. the thought of him ever not being there makes my heart so sad. I often see the couples out together, at restaurants... and they will sit through a whole meal without a word to each other. I don't ever want to become stagnant, lazy, or apathetic like that towards him. I enjoy and savor every moment. I have made it a point to try not to make a 'big deal' out of small things. There might come a day when I would give anyone for just one more moment, so I need to make each moment now count.

He is my Romeo.

On a totally different note, it has been a weird week. I often think things, and totally want to blog about it.. but then think "what if they read it". Then I think, maybe it wouldn't be so bad, they need a kick in the butt!
I just find that people who have the must 'suggestions' are the people who do the least. do you ever notice that? those who serve with good hearts rarely complain. Then there are those who have a suggestion, idea, complaint about everything and then they don't even show up. Someone told me this week, "don't expect so much from people. just expect from them what they show you". Good advice.

I am glad to see certain people resurface in my life. It is hard to watch people make choices that you know will hurt them, and even though you tell them over and over... they do it anyways. I wish I could save people from heartache, but I guess that is part of the learning process. So I pray hard, love them, and try to be a good friend. I'm determined to see people live beautiful, blessed, joyful lives.

On another unrelated note, today I discoved Puffs Plus with Lotion and Vicks. one word. AMAZING.

its been a rough week, and with raw noses and sore throats, this was a pleasant surprise. when you blow your nose or wipe, the menthol actually clears it. (not forever, but for the moment it feels amazing)
so that is all for now lovely people. leave me a comment, question or thoughts so I know you were here!