Friday, February 11, 2011


Our family went up to big bear this week.. only to be cabin ridden the whole time. my little munchkins got sick.. so we got cabin fever, literally.
We are back home now and on the BRAT (bananas, rice,applesauce, toast) diet until their tummies settle.

I was flipping through some magazines while I was there. sidenote: I do not do good with too much free time and nothing to do. I thought I was going crazy!
anyways, flipping through magazines... and I noticed a lot of the model's in different ads were sporting the half moon manicures.

I've always been on the border about the half moon. Part of me thinks it looks really cool, and then part of me thinks it looks weird. Either way, the trend is back. If you want me to do a video on how to, let me know.. it's super easy.

So Sue, if you are reading this... I went out and got the new One by One mascara, after you asked me if I tried it...I got curious.

Ok... So if you have thick eyelashes naturally, you will love this mascara. If your eyelashes are sparse like mine, not so much.
It does a really good job of separating the lashes so they look pretty and natural, very natural. It almost separates each lash too much for me. I need a little clump and thickness to my mascara. So for me, its a no go. but if you have lashes like my sister in law.. you will LOVE. that's it for now! let me know if you were here and what kind of things you like reading.

Hope you have a beautiful day...


  1. Hi Jeanie, it's your Cousin in-law, Katie. What mascara do you use then? I didn't inherit the beautiful thick lashes that Bekah got, mine are more like yours. So do you have any recommendations?

  2. how do i reply? let me know if you see this katie.. I use the maybelline falsies mascara... i love it!

  3. OOh, ok. Thanks! I'll give that a try :)

  4. My husband and i were just talking about the half moon look...I think I am going to try it. Have you also seen the another nail trend for the spring where you use a more natural shade and add a pop of color with a thin line across the top? Love it!