Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spare Tires

I'm having a 'ick' day. Most women have them. Today is mine. My wonderful hubby gave me some 'fun money' to go shopping. Bad day to go. First off, I wore the WRONG outfit. Everything was way too tight, I felt like a stuffed sausage. Sitting in the car I reached down and grabbed handfuls of spared tires that seem to have gotten larger around my midsection. I let out a big sigh... and then, my husband's voice so clearly came into my mind. He always tells me I'm beautiful and that he doesn't understand why I get self conscious or think I look fat...men. Then I stopped myself. The road I was about to go down in my mind is not a good road. I've been there before, and I just feel worse. Then I thought.. who does God say that I am? He says that I am beautiful and wonderful. When I look at myself in disgust, I am insulting His creation. So, I went to McDonald's and got a big mac. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAAA!!!!! I am not saying that it is okay to mistreat your body and fuel it with big mac's... BUT it is also not okay to beat yourself up for something you are not. So with that, I am going to eat better tomorrow... and think more positive thoughts tomorrow, and maybe slap on an extra coat of lipstick (just to be safe! haha!)

Pink Orchid Lips...another trend for spring is the bright pink lips. I fear to say maybe Nicki Minaj had a little to do with this. Either way, I embrace the bright... Here are a couple of suggestions for lipsticks, enjoy~

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  1. Love it...your honesty,your rawness, your beauty. if only our time together was longer :)