Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lace, Pink Tips and Panera

I did some girly lace/pink nails today. The only thing is.. I used fast dry top coat which made the lace stickers wrinkle a bit... after they were completely dry they lay flat (better than the picture)

A Panera Bread opened up right down the street from my house.. HALLELUJAH!!!

If you ever go, you have to try the cinnamon crunch bagels. they are so yummy. taste like cinnamon rolls. Perfect timing for this hungry preggo lady. (actually my husband is there right now picking up a frontega chicken sandwich for me! hah!) Hope you are all doing well and had a nice long weekend. We served some veterans a Memoral Day dinner last night. It is a privelege to live in a country with so much blessing. When they did the pledge of allegiance I was so embarassed I didn't know the words. I'm Canadian, but I figure if I live here I better learn it quick!!!


  1. I know that you like to get good deals on things so I was wondering where you get the supplies for the nail art? I looked around and it can add up quick! My husband is just starting as a youth pastor at a small church and I thought it would be fun to doing a girl's night where we can do our nails and watch a classic romantic comedy. Any tips as to where to get supplies for good prices?

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