Sunday, May 22, 2011


so 9 years ago I started dating my very first boyfriend...who knew it would totally change my life! 6 years ago (the 24th) I married him. It is weird when I think back to what I thought of him, how he made me nervous... and the things that made me crush on him. 6 years of marriage, 2 kids and one on the way later... the things I love about him and make me crush on him are totally different. He is a different person, I am a different person...and our love is different. Different in a good way. So much deeper with greater understanding. He is such a man of integrity, he is humble, he protects me and is like a gentle warrior. I always say he was born in the wrong era. He should be a gladiator or a warrior who goes to battle wearing a bear on his back. He is a manly man. A fighter, but loyal and true to his roots. A hard worker and always chooses what is right. It is funny because I don't think he is anything like the character...but we watched Thor and the whole time I kept thinking that he reminded me so much of my husband! a couple of people have texted asking if we have watched Thor and said it reminded them of him too. Funny. Maybe its the beard, blue eyes and the warrior-ness.... I think my husband is dreamy :)

totally unrelated once again, but my sister asked me a while ago to make a video on how to put on false eyelashes. there are a couple of different kinds, so I thought I'd start with the demi lashes.


  1. How amazing to have that love with your husband. I love reading your blog and watching your youtube videos. God bless you and your family.

  2. i am only 18, but i hope that one day i can find my 'thor' too! y'all are totally cute together (i saw your husband tag on youtube too! hehe). well wishes and good luck for baby #3!! xx