Monday, May 23, 2011

16 weeks

So I am 16 weeks now and still nauseous.. C'MON!!!!
I have finally admitted to myself that my jeans are too tight. Its weird because you dont' just gain weight in your belly, it feels like your skeleton gets bigger. Shoulders are broader, chest cavity is thicker.. and my feet are longer. What the?!
So I guess its maxi dresses for me for the next couple of months!
I go to the doctor today. I don't now if she is gonna check anything or just measure and make sure everything is okay. I am secretly trying to find a way I can get her to do an ultrasound (so I can see the sex of the baby!!, they don't have any appointments until late june).

a couple of people have asked me to blog about my pregnancy, but I don't know what is interesting... so here is a quick video of me blah-blahing really about nothing...

Thank you for my treats Maren!!! you are the best and I miss you :(


  1. You may have already tried this but with my last and current pregnancy, the nausea bands helped me function! They kept me from throwing up the first time and this time because the nausea wasn't as bad, it just subdued it even more. If you've already tried them, I'm sorry! I will venture a guess as to the gender of your guess is that it's a boy. :)