Tuesday, May 24, 2011

6 years and counting....

Happy 6th Anniversary!!

my hubby got all fancy on me!

So weird how time flies. I can't imagine, or kinda... don't wanna imagine what my life was before I got married and started our family. It's like my life was black and white before and now it is in full color. I am looking forward to 60 more with my Prince Charming. He only gets better with age. More handsome, smart, loving and kind... He's such a catch, and I caught him!!!

Oh wow..I just realized it is nap time in our house... maybe I should make use of it and take a nap myself!!

ps. I was thinking of doing a 'preggo outfit' section. I hate traditional maternity wear, and I think you should still be able to look cute as your belly grows. Would you find that helpful? have a great day everyone!


  1. Awww I can't wait til I have a family! You have such a lovely life! :)

  2. thank you april. your family you build will be amazing. you have such a sweet heart.. every year it gets better!

  3. Have you ever ordered maternity wear from ASOS? I just ordered some (their sale items are what I go for) and am excited to get them in. During my last pregnancy there was nothing good out there for a reasonable price. I just bought things in larger sizes from Forever21 and wore maxi dresses from Target (their regular line). It was summer so it worked. This time around I needed some dressier clothes so hopefully what I ordered will be great :)