Monday, August 23, 2010

soul eaters

i love my husband. i feel like we can talk forever and it never gets boring.

we were talking today about how some people are soul eaters. they take from you, hurt you, annoy you, disrespect you, are unloyal.... and even AFTER all is said and done, they have this lingering way of eating your soul. when their name comes up you roll your eyes, your heart beats fast... your blood flows a little faster... your face gets flushed. they get a rise out of you without even being there. know what i mean?

i went through a stage in my life where i would get SO bothered and annoyed with people that it began to wear on my spirit.

the reality is this. there is nothing to reconcile. it is different when there was an isolated situation or an event that caused the friction to begin with. BUT in most cases with soul eaters... its more than that.

i am me. and you are you. your personality, characteristics, life choices..i cannot change. and probably they won't change. so if i don't like it, and can't deal with it.. and you -me... then move on.
don't let people who have hurt you continue to do so even after the relationship has ended.
it is wrong for people to hurt you, but it is your fault if they continue to do so.
people can only hurt you repeatedly if you allow them to.

so soul eaters...move on. don't keep creeping back.
and for you... fill your soul with love, with good things. do not let anyone steal your joy.
He will fill you anew every morning.... just ask, and receive.

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