Sunday, August 22, 2010


so this is the new generation of Lee Press on nails.
I have actually used these nails several times, but Kiss sent me a couple of goodies the other day.

I did mine using the Fashion Diva ones first since I love the design...

They come in short, medium and long.
I don't like having long nails, but since my nailbeds are so long, the short nails are too short for me. The nail ends before mine does. I cut my nails to the skin (ouchie!) and they still peak over the top. and with the french tip it makes my nails look kinda stubby. I usually buy the medium length and then file them down so they are shorter.
I used these on all of my sister-in-laws bridesmaids and was so impressed at how good they looked on everyone. Even my (other) sister in law who has teeny tiny fingers! we used the petites for her and they worked great.

easy to apply (they have little tabs for application that you twist off)
quick! if you are like me and don't want to wait for nailpolish to dry
less damage than acrylics
affordable (I paid about $5 at walmart)

it says "7 day wear" but mine usually last about 2. I wash the dishes in very hot water without gloves, so that is a major contributor.
after care: you have to really clean off the glue and buff your nails after. If you don't take them off properly you may suffer some damage.

Overall, I love them. They are a great alternative and make you look polished in about 5 minutes!

These stickers are also from Kiss that I used and added some more rhinestones and glitter...
I love nail stickers, it just makes things a little more schnazzy!

I'm not so sure on the toe nails, they kind of scare me. but the nail art I am excited for, they come with stencils too! I'll let you know how they work out!

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