Tuesday, August 31, 2010

sweet memories.

so I totally failed AGAIN at growing out my bangs. I feel like I'm always on the cusp of being bang free... and then I get the sudden urge, and a few snip snips later I'm back where I started.
Maybe bangs are just my destiny. I do have a huge forehead...so it makes for less face.

* * *

anyways... today I had a moment where I was realized how quickly time goes by. I don't want to miss one memory, giggle or funny thing my kids do or say. I wish I had it all on video tape. I can watch video's from only 2 years ago and it seems like it was such a long time ago...and I can't remember them that way.

I started a journal when I first got pregnant, and then somehow that got misplaced... and then I started another, and that somehow got misplaced.
so NOW I have a special box. It sits where no one can touch it. and I told myself that ATLEAST once a year, on the kids' birthdays..I would write them a letter. Write how they are, things they like.. funny things they do or say. So at a minimum there is one for each year.... and, on days where I actually have a moment or want to remember something special I write a note, put the date on the envelope and drop it in the box. I hope one day when my kids have kids they can look back and see how they were.. and how much we loved them.

I amazed that these beautiful, perfect little beings came from my body... so sweet, so lovely.

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