Friday, August 13, 2010

the sak

good morning!
whenever i think of "the sak" i think of the small crocheted purses from way back in the day.. but not anymore! they have so many cute purses.
2 of the bags i've been using every day are the sak from the sakroots collection.
these are the two i use right now:

the one on the bottom is my every day one is on sale now on their website!
Originally $89 now on sale for $31!

i am a cheapo BUT i like high quality too. and these bags are made WELL. i carry a lot of stuff, heavy stuff and they have been very durable.
There are so many cute bags on the website, here are a couple i like!

the mimosa

ruched tote
rocked shopper

anyways look on the blog about stylish diaper bags if you wanna see them in video! they start at 3:45

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