Monday, October 7, 2013

One Radiant Skincare

I received this box ago from One Radiant and wanted to share it with all of you who are looking to improve your skin or maybe start a new skincare regimen all together.
This is a monthly service box that comes in 3 month increments. The website claims to find your perfect skincare routine in 3 months. 

After you find your perfect skincare routine, or products that you like you can go onto their website to buy the full size.
The products are definitely more mid-high end and many of the products I was not familiar with, which is great because I know there are tons of great products around the world that otherwise I probably wouldn't get the opportunity to try.

I personally have a rule that if you are going to invest in anything more expensive to put on your face, it should be skincare. After all, you only have one face and it will be a lot harder to replace that than any lipstick! haha!!! With that said, as a mom of four I totally understand justifying paying a lot for a little bottle of cream. I have my few items that I allow myself as a 'treat' (even though, girl, you know I deserve it!) and I use them sparingly and take the moments when I put it on to feeeeeeel the luxury of it! 

A lot of times people ask me how i have 'good' skin. I really don't, BUT I do take care of it. I started using anti-aging products in my 20s and people would do the "pshhh.. why you using anti-aging stuff? you don't have any wrinkles!" I think it is much easier to prevent than to repair. So I use a lot of 'old lady stuff' before I need to... so I won't need it!

Find your perfect skincare routine in 3 months
4-5 deluxe samples that are hand picked by experts for your skin type
$36/ 3 months free shipping

*one time box was provided by One Radiant for review

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