Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tips & Remedies for Eczema

I know everyone's experience, triggers and severity of eczema are different. Although there are no known causes, there are some things you can do to help treat it and find temporary relief.

When I was little my eczema was so bad that my elbow pits (is that what they are called?!) and backside of my knees especially were always raw, cracking and bleeding. It was horrible. Those were my major trouble spots, but I also had it all over my body including my face. 

I truly believe that somewhere along the line I got healed of the severe eczema, but I still have super sensitive skin and have patches that show up here and there. 2 of my kids seem to have mild eczema as well. One on the body and one on the face. 

Although I had been given prescription topical creams for my skin, there are some things that helped me when I had flare ups and relieved the pain and itch (even if just temporarily) 
I know a lot of people have it and a lot of moms are looking for relief for their kids so I thought I would share and hopefully it helps someone even a little!

Things to Avoid:
Tight fitting clothes
certain fabrics (mohair, wool etc)
detergent with perfumes or dyes
taking long hot showers or baths
harsh exfoliators 
scented lotions, body sprays
extreme dryness/moisture
allergens, know what you are allergic to

Things to Try:
loose fitting, breathable fabrics
witch hazel to reduce inflammation
let your body air dry after a shower/bath
a gentle exfoliator for dry skin
extra virgin olive oil
creams/bath products with oatmeal
cold packs
aloe vera
baking soda (mix with water and make paste)
cool/lukewarm bath with milk and almond oil
cold pressed coconut oil
calamine lotion
Vitamin E
Apply strong chamomile tea to gauze and apply to affected area

Exederm line of products specifically for eczema:

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  1. Hello! Thank you so much for the info! Very helpful. My husband has ezema which now has been passed on to all four my children.... Most are mild but there are times in certain.areas they become severe. I will give some of these a try n pray there will be a turn around! Thank u again!