Friday, May 10, 2013

Freshkon Dezigner Solitaire Series

I feel like a husky! Loving these icy, aqua blue contacts from For those of you who have asked before this where all of my circle lenses are from!

These have kind of a kaleidoscope/snowflake pattern on them. I thought it might look kind of weird when I put them in my eyes but I actually like the effect it gives!

They come in this cute box. one pair per box. If you are like me and have a different prescription in each eye you will have to order two separate boxes (so you will have two pairs!) 
$19.50/ per box and are monthly wear lenses.

This is what it looks like in the package. The limbal ring isn't a very dense, jet black so I think that helps with the transition of colors on dark eyes.
I love them! they are little more icy aqua blue opposed to a bright turquoise kind of blue. 

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