Saturday, August 18, 2012


I've been learning a lot watching my little girl.
Growth is such a natural part of life, yet I feel like at a certain point we don't want to grow anymore. We become so comfortable and 'safe' where we are that growth isn't welcome. 
I want to make sure that I'm always open to growth. Is it easy? sometimes, but not always. Often growth means getting rid of things we might like, like getting rid of your favorite pants that are now too small. Sometimes it means trying new things, like a baby learning to eat new food. Trying things that are hard even if you fall...and it hurts. Watching that little girl trying to stand on her own and fall over and over her...determination is admirable. 
Growth isn't always easy... but growth produces the ability to enjoy a life that is better. Yes its comfortable to eat what you are use to, stay where your mom puts you and babble instead of talk. But there comes a point where growing is good and takes you to another level.
I don't ever want to just be comfortable and satisfied where I am. I am content, but I strive for more. 
I have a good life and it is full and satisfying. Yet I know that God has more for me. 
So I am open and asking Him to show me, push me, encourage me and teach me to be a better person. a better mom. a better wife. a better friend. a better daughter. a better sister. a better me....
Can't wait to see what the next stage has in store :)

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