Thursday, August 30, 2012

August Favorite Products

Here are some products I've been loving the past month. Hope it helps you discover some new loves for you too! Let me know if you have discovered anything lately that you absolutely love too!
this is a total splurge...expensive, but definitely worth it. I got it a while back when it was on sale, and I love it! definitely lives up to the hype. makes your hair so smooth and silky... so for people like me who love to damage your hair, this is amazing!

Liole Silky Highlighter BB Touch. These two are like cousins to bb creams because they have a little bit of a different function to regular bb creams. this one you can use on your entire face for a 'glow' but I use it just as a highlighter and I love it. It makes my gigantic pores look smaller and smoother too!

Liole Dollish Veil makeup base in Natural Green. This is quickly becoming an every day staple for me. the green base cancels out redness and it keeps my makeup where I put it ALL day, even in this horrible heat!

Ok I secretly think these are the same color. Kissable balm stain in Lovestruck, feels like a balm, but stains your lips..amazing. and the Lip Butter in Lollipop. Super moisturizing. both by Revlon. I love the blue based magenta. makes your teeth look whiter, and easier to wear than a red lip.. 
but still gives that va va va voom-ness

Physicians Formula Happy booster blush in Pink. I didn't like it at first b/c of the strong smell..but I've been using it a lot lately. This picture looks more brown, but in real life it is also more blue based which makes it work great with the lip stuff above!

I love me some cleansing towelettes. These ones smell SO good and relaxing, the cloth is soft and leaves my skin feeling moisturized...and I feel like I smell good when I come to bed :)
Usually not a fan of cream ALL. but this one is amazing. Hard Candy Eye Def in Golden Earth. goes on liquid and then dries. doesn't smear, smudge, move...stays all day! another one of my summer must haves.

Oh Tovolo! my new pancake squirter has made me an even cooler mom. I love this thing. you can make any and every shape possible (see post below)

Daisy by Marc Jacobs. borderline granny... but for some reason I love it!

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