Monday, March 12, 2012

mommies and babies

today was my little nieces first birthday. its funny how people say 'enjoy it, it goes by fast' you do the half eye roll 'uh huh'...but it really does go by too fast. seems like yesterday she was born!
its neat seeing moms with their kids (although i hope that no one watches me! haha!)
i feel like so many moms think that they will never be like their mom, or that they want to be just like them. I've really tried to make it a point to take a chill pill and not be a naggy mom or uptight about everything. its hard when you are a control freak! i have to remind myself all the time that they are just kids, and i need to stop and enjoy the moments. i often tell myself 'they will never be this exact age every again'. it's sad, but it reminds me that most things are not a big deal and that i need to savor the moment.
ok so i did a bad thing and weighed myself yesterday. i kept telling myself not to...but i did, and i regret it. waaahhh... and then, i realize i've become one of "those girls" and that my hair had become my security blanket. so even though i miss it and really think i should have left it (which by the way is dryig from be re-ombred) i think it is good to feel vulnerable. hehe...

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