Wednesday, March 14, 2012

california king

so my california king bed arrived... and i was so so so so excited. i got the knock off version of the tempurpedic called the bodypedic. i read about a gazillion reviews (approximately...) and they were all positive. it was a fraction of the price. since i have such a bad back, 3 herniated discs in all. i thought this would be my life saver. i woke up this morning and couldn't move... PAIN!!!!! luckily throughout the morning the pain dissipated... i'm hoping my body is just adjusting, hoping for a better nights sleep tonight.
anyways i am gonna do a 'today's tidbit' here and there.. just little words of encouragement, thoughts when i get a chance, just a couple of minutes.
so here is the first one... i realize that i like staying mad sometimes, so i'm learning to let things go faster than i naturally want to!
hope you all are well. thank you for reading!