Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chubby Bunny

my kids think photo booth is sooooooo funny! the other day they took about a hundred pictures together and were giggling so hard. there is something about a little kids laughter that heals your heart.
today i took the little one to her 4 month check up and get her vaccinations. poor little baby. the silent cry is the worst. now she has a fever and is quietly whimpering as she tries to fall asleep.. *sigh. i wish i could take away any pain and sickness from my kids for the rest of their lives!
so i video taped a whole update VLOG on baby... just to find out my voice didn't match the video like a bad chinese movie....oh well. i'll try again tomorrow. gnite world.


  1. Hello! I came across a couple of your videos on youtube (looking up beauty stuff!) and I just wanted to thankyou for sharing your positive attitude and advice with all the women out there in the world. I have learnt a thing or two from your words.

    1. thank you for watching and encouraging me!!! :)