Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY Ombre Hair

so i decided to re-ombre my hair last night since i cut off all of my previous ombre, and thought i should go a bit more bold and make it a whole new hairdo. i thought about filming it, but i had to do it as fast as i could before baby woke up...so here is how i did it!

you will need:
bleach powder (i like the blue or violet to cut out brassiness)
devoloper, for most people vol 20 will be fine, i used vol 30
non metallic bowl
shirt you don't care to ruin
hair clip

mix the powder bleach 1/2 part developer. i did this in small amounts so i didn't use it all at once, in case i needed a touch up later. mix until it is a creamy consistency.

apply on to sections of hair. make sure not to do a 'straight across' line or else it will look too harsh and abrupt. i just moved the brush up and down so that certain sections were higher than others.. then fold it into foil and wait... (check often!)

after you wash it out if you want a little more of a gradient effect you can do it one more time concentrating more on the tips... and voila! so easy!!!