Saturday, March 31, 2012

just one of them days....

its been one of those weeks. busy busy busy. i feel like every day we had something to do hour by hour....and i feel like my emotions changed hour by hour. part me thinks i must be getting my period soon *crossing fingers i don't. ugh. i can't imagine. haven't had my period in what...over a year!? the only thing i can attribute to my moodiness, or that i'm sleep deprived... or that i'm a woman. haha!!!
this past week i've had such conflicting feelings about different people. its hard to just 'forgive and forget' especially if that person has no clue that they even hurt you. *sigh. i usually try to just suck it up and let it go, but then when you come face to face with them...or they remind you by doing something else to totally piss you off, hurt your feeling, make you roll your all comes back. am i the only one that struggles with this? i can't be. i would think just by being human, having different personalities there is always a constant struggle in relationships. especially those you have not by choice.
ah i'm rambling. probably should blog when i'm so tired. g'nite y'all!

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