Wednesday, October 26, 2011

staying in

so today is probably the first day in over a month that would NOT be a good day for baby to come. my little boy came into my room this morning to cuddle (my favorite part of the morning) only to start throwing up all over our bed. took the sheets off, and put him in his bed... threw up again. we are on round 6 at this current time. poor little boy. i hate it when my kids are sick.. i'd much rather be sick for them. (although i do feel kind of nauseous myself, i'm trying not to admit it)

So i got my package from my insomniac online shopping binge the other day. i feel like i'm so scattered, but i thought i'd share what i got from

have a good day! (omg, my friend lives in colorado and they are making snowmen, its gonna be in the 90s here next week! weird world)

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