Friday, October 21, 2011


Whenever it gets late in the evening I kind of dread the night. Everyone falls asleep and I am WIDE AWAKE. The odd time I fall asleep, its like full on drooling snoring, scratching unaware sleep...but it only lasts like an hour. Then I start tossing and turning, getting up to go pee, thinking, watching the clock until its morning. I am so uncomfortable!!!
A couple of weeks ago my doctor gave me a muscle relaxant/sleep aid to help with my back spasms and to help me sleep. I took it ONCE and will never take it again! I was like in zombie mode for 3 days. couldn't snap out of it... so while I had a good nights rest, I missed half of the week!
Anyways, When I started this blog I thought I would be more diligent and do more stuff on it daily.. but then I lost motivation. So maybe I'll try doing a better job. Mine as well try to do something while everyone is asleep right? Last night was bad, I pulled all my store credits, and gift cards out of my wallet and went bonkers online shopping. Bought a mass amount of lipgloss from (there were good deals!) and a bunch of accessories from forever21...oh, and some other makeup goodies using my swagbucks giftcards on Amazon. So after everything, I think I spent a total of $1.27 of my money and have all this stuff coming. I love packages!! Then I decided to dye my hair ( I hate roots!) and do a facemask. I think I scared my husband half to death. When he opened his eyes and saw me in a shirt covered in red hair dye and my mask on. Oh the joys of marriage.

Anyways, I am hormonal and moody... Maybe I'll do an update VLOG tomorrow (had a doctor's appointment today) Hope you have a good night, and if you have any suggestions let me know!

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