Wednesday, October 5, 2011

cool. calm. collective?! not really...

I love that it finally cooled down here in Southern California...but there is a little part of me that feels like its just playing a joke on me and tomorrow its gonna be 100 degrees again. Today the high is 64 and I love it. Busted out a sweater, lit my cinnamon sugar donut candle and turned the heater on. I forgot that the first time you turn the heater on after its been a while there is a funky smell. Luckily its masked by my delicious candle.

I have been so emotional. Watching A Baby Story on TLC doesn't help either...but I feel like I've been so anxious, irritated.. and well, a major B.
I feel like God gives me dreams, not always.. but once in a while I'll have a dream that I knew was from Him. Or I wake up in the middle of the night with a sense of enlightenment. (even though I'm half asleep. Maybe He needs to talk to me then, because in my half sleepy state I won't try to justify or control things). Anyways, I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like I had a switch in my brain go off. I have been so whiny and frustrated. When I woke up I just had the thought "any time I want to whine, complain, ASK for something, barter...I'll just say thank you. I'll start thanking Him for anything and everything that comes to mind". So I woke up a couple more times to go to the bathroom or b/c I was uncomfortable and every time I just simply thanked Him for something. Woke up and said thank you again. I realized how negative I am, b/c every time a negative thought comes in.. I replace it. Needless to say I've probably said thank you a gabillion times already and its not even 10am. haha!!!
anyways, gonna give the kids a warm bath and put some snuggly clothes on them.
have a good day everyone!! and THANK YOU if you read this... I know its always senseless babble!

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