Wednesday, March 23, 2011

true colors

so i've been sick. like sick-sick. for almost 2 weeks. at first i thought it was just morning sickness... then the fever, chills.... had a ear infection, throat infection, cold... now i have bronchitis. on top of the horrible nausea. i hate being a sick whiner. but i will be, atleast for this blog.
i hate lying in bed not doing anything. the truth is, i've felt so horrible i don't even WANT to do anything...which is really weird for me. i'm a very anxious sitting still is hard for me.
anyways, i've learned a lot about love this week.
my husband has been so good. doing EVERYTHING, taking the kids EVERYWHERE... taking care of me, and still having a good attitude about it. still giving me back rubs, running to the store, bringing me treats and telling me i look beautiful when i have a permanent ponytail (even without the elastic.. oh yeah, its gotten that bad) he tells me to rest and makes me feel loved. i think the worst part about being sick is that i feel bad to him....
so today i'm up, for the last 10 minutes so i thought i'd write a quick blog.. so i could remember how good he is to me even when i am so icky.
i hope this is the last week of sickness and i am alive and well next week!
thank you Lord for giving me a man that meant the 'sickness and health' part!!
have a good week and eat lots of good food on my behalf!

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  1. So glad I randomly found your blog! It's a cornucopia of writings, beauty, and family moments. Good reads, girl. And I hope you feel better...i'm the worst whiner when I'm sick haha.