Friday, April 15, 2011

rough beginnings.

man. it has been a rough few months. its not like i didn't know it was going to be hard, but the reality of it is worse. so many people told me that every pregnancy is different and that this might be 'the one' that was different. LIES!!! hahahhaa!!i still don't understand preggo's who never get sick!
i don't know if it is worse....but i also didn't have 2 kids to take care of the last 2 times!
lying in bed, gagging, dry heaving, throwing up.. feeling icky everywhere. its weird, because i am such an anxious person i can rarely just 'lie' and do absolutely nothing. one day my husband comes into the room and says "why don't you watch some tv atleast? you have been lying in the dark for a week" and i was just like " i can't" i literally felt like i could not do anything... going to the bathroom was my outing for the day.
all that complaining to say... i think i'm slowly coming back to life.
i'm still nauseous and gaggy... with the worst cottonmouth imagineable. BUT i can actually get up, sit up... and i WANT to take a shower. haha!!

anyways. today i woke up feeling thankful. thankful that God is in control, when i (and my body are not). that there are people that love me and those that i love so dearly. the sun is shining, the birds are chirping... i got a new is pretty good.
hope you are all doing well!

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