Sunday, March 6, 2011

quad lids

oh yes. my little monolids have turned into quadruple lids. i had a friend go "uh, what the heck are monolids?" monolids are usually on asian people, when we don't have an eyelid crease, thus making them hooded.. and monolid, opposed to double eyelid. Mine tend to fold...too much when I'm tired or sick. I actually like my eyes better without the fold (which is horrifying news to my Korean relatives who have offered to pay for me to get double eyelids). So, on days like today I feel funny, my eyes all wide and round. haha!! give me my almonds back! I have been SO tired, and hungry at all times. Can't seem to sleep when I get a chance though.

The other day I was flipping through my Lucky Magazine (there's a Lucky Kids now by the way, and it's awesome possum). And I saw and advertisement for these little hand lotions. How cute! so of course I did some investigating and tracked some down. Here is a little review! have a good week everyone!