Monday, March 7, 2011

Lazy Day

Today has been nice. I have done absolutely nothing productive. We are always on the go and in a rush, we rarely take a day and do nothing. My husband let me stay and bed and rest (which is nice, I've been so tired and haven't had a chance to rest!) We went outside with the kids and played basketball... well, lets re-phrase that... we threw the ball somewhere near the hoop and ran around in circles. Talked, laughed, had a tickle war and now everyone is taking a nap. There are loads of laundry and a pile of dishes..but I'm not too worried. I think some times you need to take a break and just 'be'.
While I was in bed I was watching episodes of TLC Baby Story. And the moment I wait for is right when the baby comes out. That moment when the baby is still purple and mom is in shock is so beautiful. It just doesn't make sense how that baby was in her belly, and is now out.... my mind cannot wrap itself around it. Just beautiful.
Anyways, I'm secretly waiting for the Fed Ex guy to get here. My husband shattered his glass screen on his Droid, and I have ordered parts to try to fix it myself. I found a video on YouTube, and I'm pretty confident I can do it! So now I'm just anxious to try. For all you droid-ers out there here is the video, I ordered all the parts off of amazon for pretty cheap:

You can buy phone cases and screen protectors for under $5 on Amazon, I would suggest it as I know many a shattered Droid owners!

On another note, I did a quick video a couple of days ago on how I keep my jewelry (especially my wedding ring) clean using stuff I already have.. hope its helpful!

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