Saturday, March 12, 2011


you know that saying "don't make someone a priority when you are only and option"? how about "don't make someone a priority when you AREN'T EVEN an option"!!

This is a thought I've been pondering a lot lately. My husband and I are both guilty of it. Pouring into people over and over, only to be hurt and dissapointed.
He always says "do unto the Lord". Which I totally agree.. good things, effort, time given... it is all worth it.
BUT, I'm talking about those relationships that are a little closer...
I find that there are those that you give and take and the relationship is pretty even...those that you receive more from, and then there are those that you give and give and give... and nada. zip. zero. zilch. You pursue them, do all that you can do.. and rarely a call back, a text, anything. Always frustration, hurt, feelings of being let down. But yet you keep pursuing them. Do you love them? yes. BUT I feel like there comes a point where you back it up. Realize that they will not be or give you what you are hoping from the relationship..and ACCEPT what it is. Does that mean you totally give up? no, I think you just have to be more wise about how much you invest of yourself.. be there when they are... but don't chase them and then feel hurt when they don't respond.
I feel like I have experienced this on varying degrees. with close friends, not so close friends, family.... not everyone is willing, or able to give you the kind of friendship you are willing to give. So...I think I will be a little more careful on who I share everything I have with. Appreciate those friendships and relationships that ARE responsive.. and keep my heart soft, let the love flow... and let all my hurt feelings evaporate.
a wise man I know once said "only expect from people what they show you" true... very true.

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