Friday, January 28, 2011

tooth pain

If you know me, you know I have major dental problems. I have super soft, shallow, small, weak teeth/bones. I didn't lose all my baby teeth in the back either... so the cavities I had from childhood carried over into adulthood. I know a lot of people think that it is all about oral hygeine... which is helpful, BUT my dentist told me "you either have strong teeth or soft teeth". I have friends who brush once a day, never floss and don't have a cavity. Where I brush, floss, mouthwash... and have horrible teeth. After giving birth to my first child, my teeth got even worse. Anyways, I got 4 teeth pulled out. got 10 root canals, 2 bridges and 4 crowns. all of this to say.. I know tooth pain.

Anyways, my husband had been going through horrible tooth pain the last couple of months. One of his teeth actually ended up being pulled. He was squirting orajel, anbesol, taking pain killers, rinsing with peroxide... nothing would help. His dentist gave him a sample of this toothpaste:
Colgate Enamel Protect

how and why had I never heard of this?!?!? ok, it doesn't get rid of ALL the pain.. but it sure helps more than anything else I've ever tried! I started using it to see if it would help with sensitivity and the occasional toothache I still get. I have to say, it is a miracle in a tube. I love it. suggest it, wish I could send it to all of you...

anyways, in a nutshell.. if your tooth is ouchie. get this!