Sunday, January 30, 2011

side braid and wave

so i know a lot of girls, teens, moms, college students.. who say they don't have time to get ready or do there hair. hello, me neither!! so when they ask me when i have time to do my hair... the answer is always the same, all of my 'hair do's' don't take very long, or trust me.. i wouldn't do it. i don't ever take the time to blow dry my hair, let alone wash it.
here is a quick, less than 5 minute hair do for ya! hope its helpful

on the way home from church i was driving some youth home and one of the girls made a comment about my hair and i said "ugh, its always a mess!" and from the back my little daughter goes "mom, your hair is never a mess, it always looks the most beautiful" ugh. heart melting. i need to be more careful of what i say.. even little things like that, my little girl picks up on everything...and i don't want her to hear those things come from me.
i tell her every day she is beautiful, but what makes her the most beautiful is her heart. she loves people, loves God, is caring, and is my daughter... THAT is why she is beautiful. (she really is beautiful physically too..but you don't want a girl to have a big head about it ya know?) was a weird day. i blame it on it being my 'time' of the month....that included with the rain, i just felt out of it. after church i came home, put on my pj's and took a 4 hour nap! what the?!
tomorrow is a new day... looking forward to it.