Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pink Titanium Curling Iron by Hot Tools

so I finally got a new curling iron! woohoo! mine was so old, squeaky and dirty....
This one is made by Hot Tools and I have to say that it is pretty great! I got it for free on Amazon using my swagbucks. The price on amazon for it is $46.00. If you use a curling iron frequently, I think its worth it. I probably wouldn't have tried it if I didn't get it free, but now having it... I think its worth the price.
anyways, here's a little blurby video about it. basically everything I just typed! haha~
hope you have a good week.

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  1. My question is;
    How long does it take you to get these prizes? Haha, you inspired me to get an account but it seems like I NEVER get any points. So now, I dont even use swagbucks anymore :(

  2. aww! i know... i really think you get the most points with referrals. i do a lot of online shopping too, so always make sure i go through swagbucks. most sites you get 2 swagbucks for every dollar you spend. keep at it girl! it is worth it. i always get the $5 amazon giftcards so it takes a while. i think this took me... 2 months? maybe longer...but its worth it!