Thursday, January 13, 2011

move over law

have you heard of the move over law? i hadn't... until i get a ticket for it!
i was driving home yesterday from san fransisco.. i was in the middle of nowhere surrounded by cow farms and semi's. i was in the slow lane... i saw 2 cop cars pulled over on the side, giving someone else a ticket. didn't think anything of it. a minute later a cop was behind me, so i got out of the way thinking he was trying to pass. then his lights went on. "what the?!" i thought. pulled over. my husband was like "maybe one of our lights are out or something". anyways, he comes to the window and says "did you see the two cop cars pulled over?" and i said "yes i did" and he said "did you see the stop lights?" and i said "stop lights? for me? " and he said "No, just stop lights." asked for my license and registration. walked away.... my husband and i were like "hmm.. i don't get it. maybe one of these cars are stolen and he's just checking our registration". the police officer comes back and says "do you know how many cops are killed on the side of the road by other cars driving by? there is a new law that came out 2 years ago. we just starting implementing it. if you see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road you have to go to the furthest lane away or slow down to 20mph. did you know that?" and i replied "i didn't know that". and he passes me a ticket. uhm.......
ok. i totally understand we need to keep police officers safe. but he didn't explain why i was getting a ticket UNTIL he handed it to me! and didn't give me a chance to explain!
i was in the slow lane behind a sea of semi trucks. by the time i SAW the cops, i was passing them. i actually DID change lanes when i could, b/c when he pulled me over i was in the left lane. there were only 2 lanes!!!
anyways, depending on the state in which this happens the ticket can be up to $800 and 3 points on your license. AND you have to show up for court.
I wish he would have given me a warning, how do people know when there are new laws? seems kind of harsh for a first time to someone who was driving the speed limit and didn't know...
*sigh. so i thought i'd share so you all knew. this counts for ANYONE on the side of the road. including tow trucks, anyone with hazards on...and so on.
for more info:

anyways.... on a happier note, here are the winners for the Jesus Couture Giveaway!

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