Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Want to be Rich, Popular & Loved?

Want to be rich, popular and loved?
I feel like we live in a day where everyone wants to be a celebrity. Through social media and the age of "reality tv" even YouTube, everyone wants to be some sort of famous.
I think the core root of wanting to be famous, recognized, vip,…special is that people want to be noticed. They want to know that people "see" them. and that they are important and valued. The irony of it all is that chasing fame and celebrity doesn't really get you the results you want. 
You might reach the masses…. but what really matters? what really makes you feel loved, valued and important?

I think every person has that desire in them. I know I do.
I realize that I can have that if I:
Make the people who are important, important.
Make the things that matter, matter.
Pour my love into those I love.

The people who know you, I mean really know you. Those are the people who matter. 
My biggest and most important "fans" are my kids. 
It matters to me what they think of me. How I live my daily life. When I'm ugly and in my sweats doing simple, normal, non glamorous things…. and my daughter tells me "mama, you're beautiful" 
THAT makes me feel beautiful. 
Knowing that my husband sees every facet of my being and still thinks I'm okay… THAT is not only a miracle, but that is how I know I am loved. 
Having people around me that I love, having good moments, sharing memories and laughter… that makes me feel rich. No amount of money can buy that.

God tells me who I am. Not other people, not even myself. In the end, He is who fulfills that void in my heart. That longing and wanting to be treasured, validated,  important and special.
I hope you all know how very important, beautiful and special you are. 
There is something said for people who just "are". Who own who they are, don't try to one up others, who love deeply and living according to their purpose and living out their passion.

Everyone has influence. EVERYONE. Whether it is on a big platform or small.
It is up to you to decide what kind of influence you have.
I hope every day that I am used to influence others in a positive way. To encourage, share, grow and learn together with those around me. 

Today I am reminded that God sees me. He gets me. and that's all the approval I need!

hope this tidbit helps you today!

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