Monday, June 16, 2014

A Little Bundle

I won an instagram contest a couple of weeks ago! How cute are all the prizes? so some of the prizes have been trickling in so I thought I would share the ones I've received so far! (so excited to get freshly picked moccasins, they are $60!!!! )

Candles from Riles and Co. (the little tea lights are white tea and something, and smell so delightful!)

Snuggly bear from Hazel Village. My 2 year old did not waste any time claiming him as hers

Love love love this blanket from Yarning Made. I was excited when I saw the package was from Victoria, B.C.!! and the yarn they use is super soft! Love all the colors, they have neon ones now too, should have got a neon one! but this one is cute nonetheless!

2 month subscription to "a little bundle" 

I'm excited about the other prizes as well. After I won this I have been entering every giveaway possible! haha!!