Sunday, June 8, 2014

Plush Show 2014: The Posh Little Urbanites Show

What a great day I had at the Plush Show today!!

I went to the Plush Show for the first time… I thought I would share some thoughts!
It was at the Los Angeles Center Studios located in downtown L.A. (Parking was $6)
I guess this was the first year that they had it outside, and I think there were some ups and downs to that.
I definitely see the appeal for it being outside, especially for some kids activities…awesome chalk artist, bubbles etc. but it was a hot day today, so we actually ended up leaving earlier than we wanted because the kids got so sweaty and cranky. Also some of the booths were up on a very high curb that didn't have any stroller friendly ramps which made it a bit of a nuisance as the booths weren't accessible curbside, so you kind of had to bump up and down.  
Since we left early we didn't get to hear any of the speakers or see who won the raffles (even though I think we entered every one!! boo hoo!)

People want to know about the swag situation.
If you purchased a VIP ticket for $125 + $7.87 you got a pretty good swag back including either a Joovy Babasling carrier or a Joovy foocot. I think the actual swag bags were filled with more goodies as well. Upon arrival I did receive a bag of coupons, a paci, newborn bottle, some sleep spray and a couple other bits and bobs. I was hoping for some more product samples from booths, but there were more coupons and such BUT I think that is because it wasn't as big as some of the huge (non-personal) trade show type events. 
That being said, I was so impressed with how friendly and warm everyone I encountered was!

Picked up some supplements from (I'll be posting a review once I see how they work! and the girls at were so so sweet (as you can see in the video). I have never had a sitter or nanny, but if I did.. I would definitely call them!
Loved that there was a breastfeeding lounge by the Pump Station and nurtury. The Pump Station was so sweet and gave us water and cookies while we fed our babies!
Sounds so cheesy, but I loved the booth! I got some juice for the kids and a little almond milk coffee sample, but did not get myself a cuties juice and later my friend was like, ooooooh those drinks were BOMB! so now I must go pick some up! and the 2 working the booth were so sweet too. 

All in all I am so glad I went and got to spend a fun filled day with a good friend and got to see some cool new things for my kiddos! 
Thank you so much Plush Show for allowing me to come and experience it. 
All that hard work paid off, hope you all get some good rest!
Hope to see you again next year!

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