Monday, August 5, 2013

Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

Sometimes it hurts your feelings, sometimes it makes you mad...and sometimes you have to just laugh.

There are so many things I have heard while being pregnant where I go "really?! did they just say that?"
Some of these things might not bother some people...but I thought this would be a funny compilation to put together, so I asked some people what kinds of things people 'should never say to a pregnant person'.
Hope it makes you laugh... if you have any more please feel free to comment!!

"Your face looks pregnant"- Rebekah A.

"Oh stand next to me (while taking a picture) I'll look skinnier" 

"oh you're having a girl, girl's steal your beauty" - Jane P.

"Oh you are definitely having a boy/girl no matter what the ultrasound says. I know I've been right x amount of times"-Christina V.

"You're HUGE! How much weight have you gained?!" - Michelle P

"oh your kids will probably be retarded, if not them... their kids. That's why you don't mix races" 

"your daughter is going to look like a dumpling, because that is all you've been craving"- DG Y.

"You even look pregnant from the back!" -Holly E.

"Oh wow, You're eating again?!" 

"did you WANT to have another baby?"

"you're body is never going to look the same again"

"Wow, you're about to pop... how many days do you lave left?"...uhh... 2 months actually.. but thanks - Mandy B.

"When are you due?" "uh... I'm not pregnant" - Cherri G.

"you know, having kids is really expensive..."

"You look horrible. Are you feeling okay?"

"I only gained 10 pounds when I was pregnant"

"You shouldn't be doing that... its bad for the baby..." Christina V.

"You're so big, are you having twins?!" - Christina V.

"you look very heavy"

"wow, you're really retaining water" -Sara P.

"does everyone get a lot of cellulite when they are pregnant?"

"are you sure you should eat that?"

"Oh, my delivery was horrible, let me tell you my horror story..." -Christina V.

"How many kids is this? oh... do you guys not believe in birth control?"

"maybe you should start exercising"

"you're feet/face/legs/butt/arms are so swollen!"

"wow, you're huge!! how much longer do you have?" Jamie J.

"it must be hard finding things to wear huh?"

"are you sure its not twins?" - Sara P

"oh the third (or whatever number that you are on) is the hardest" -Christina V.

words you should avoid:
huge, heavy, big. holy cow, oh my god, jeez, fat, swollen, ginormous, diet, exercise

There is probably so many more... please share!
working on "what not to say to a new mom/postpartum"