Friday, February 3, 2012

when in need...give

I hate money. I feel like it is the cause of so much stress, tension in people's lives. So after much hesitation...I've decided to one step further with this couponing. Oh yes... I'm going there.
So after hours of researching, clipping, sorting.. I finally ventured out for my first big trip. (well, big to me) I feel like its especially stressful for me because I'm so bad at math AND I have really bad anxiety. As it is, I usually can't go into a drugstore, grocery store, Target, Ross without having to hit the bathroom within about 10 minutes in a BAD way. Needless to say I know where all the bathrooms are in every store. So this couponing just takes that anxiety up a notch. ANYWAYS, on my way to my first trip.. I got pulled over and got a ticket. GAH! I was so upset and mad at myself. All this planning and sorting and excitement for money I was gonna save, and the ticket will no doubt be more expensive than what I saved. So with tears in my eyes I headed home with a "screw couponing!" attitude. When I came home my husband gave me a big hug and reminded me that money is just money.. not to worry about the ticket and that the worst thing about getting a ticket is the time I spend worrying and feeling bad about it. what an awesome man. So with his encouragement I went back out. I have to say, I didn't do too bad.
my first trip is going to making care packages for our troops!

The awesome thing too was the same day we received 2 letters in the mail from soldiers that had received our last batch of packages and just shared how uplifting and encouraging it was to receive. made it all worth it. All this to say... I give when I am in need..because I know He will always provide for me and when my heart is right... my heart feels good :)

on a totally unrelated note, here is a video of things I've been loving this month. baby is crying.. gotta go!

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