Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

I ordered this Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV off of Hautelook recently. If you haven't heard of Hautelook its a site where you can get name brand products/clothing for up to 90% off! every day they have a new set of deals so check back often!

Anyways, I hooked up with Callie from i
n getting these makeup palettes and said I would do a seri
es of makeup tutorial for her subscribers and mine to follow along when
we got them. I received mine yesterday and was so excited to start playing. Mind you, I rarely have a moment alone..let alone time to film makeup tutorials. So with that in mind, I snuck off to film as fast as I could before my little mini me's noticed I was missing (dont' worry, dad was watching them). So I apologize this isn't the best of the best...but hopefully somewhat helpful. I'll be filming more when I get anothe
r chance! enjoy!

Look #1 kind of a copp
er and teal look

Look #2 purpley

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